Pricing and Passes

We want your experience at Akasha to be as easy as possible and give you the opportunity to explore and discover what yoga can offer. So we offer passes of 5, 10, or 20 classes that you can use for as many different types of yoga as you wish. The more you try the more you will see what yoga has to offer and you may even find that different classes complement each other. Or you can select one class that’s for you and sign in for consecutive weeks. And if you can’t make your regular class, cancel within 24 hours and sign in into a different one.

We have split the passes up into Daytime Passes (off peak times), Anytime Passes and Evening/Weekends Passes (peak times). The most flexible being the Anytime pass as it enables you to choose from every class on the timetable.


Available for all classes Monday to Sunday any time.

Drop in class                          £12 (to be used within two weeks).

5 Class Any Time Pass          £45 (£9 per class, to be used in 7 weeks).

10 Class Any Time Pass        £85 (£8.5 per class, to be used in 14 weeks).

20 Class Any Time Pass        £150 (£7.5 per class, to be used in 4 months).



Available for all morning classes Monday to Friday 7.30 am to 4.30pm

Drop in class                        £9 (to be used within two weeks).

5 Class Daytime Pass        £40 (£8 per class, to be used within 7 weeks)

10 Class Daytime Pass      £75 (£7.5 per class, to be used within 14 weeks).

20 Class Daytime Pass      £135 (£6.70 per class, to be used within 4 months).



UNLIMITED CLASS PASS   £95 per month

Go to ANY CLASS you want, as many times as you wish.

*This pass is subject to 12 month direct debit contract.



UNLIMITED MONTHLY PASS (Valid for one month, no contract)   £120

Enjoy ANY CLASS any time, as many as you wish for one month.



Drop in                          £6.50, to be used within a month.

5 Class Kids Yoga Pass      £32.50 (£6.50 per class, to be used within 3 months).

10 Class Kids Yoga Pass   £60.00 (£6 per class, to be used within 6 months).



CONCESSIONS:  10 Class Any Time Pass for £70 (to be used within 14 weeks). Give us a call on 079525 129 942 to purchase this option.

INTRO OFFER FOR NEW CLIENTS : 5 any time class pass for £35.90 (to be used in 6 weeks).

Yoga/Meditation One to One

Please email:

What next?

Follow the link which will take to you to our MindBody online booking software. There you can follow the instructions to create a profile and once you have registered you can view the classes and passes in the Online Store. Follow the instructions to securely purchase a pass from the Online Store tab. Once you have it simply use the calendar on the Classes page to select the week and class you want. You can book as many different classes as you wish and as far into the future as your pass allows. The validation period of your pass will only start from your first visit. You have complete control over your profile, payments and the products you purchase and you must book for every class you wish to attend to ensure your place.

When you buy a pass, you are buying a pass for Akasha Yoga Centre and not a solely a particular class. If of course you wish to only attend one class that’s fine. Every effort is made to maintain continuity with the timetable but of course things will change and evolve. If in the unfortunate occurrence your regular class is cancelled permanently or the teacher is changed permanently no refund on passes will be granted. In this event we would encourage clients to try the new class or find another time slot to suit.

If you ever want to cancel a class you have booked in for simply log on and cancel the class. Cancelations made over 24 hours before the class will not be charged to your pass. Cancelations made less than 24 hours before will be counted against your pass unless extenuating circumstances or medical reason pertaining to yourself can be provided.

All passes are non-refundable after 48hrs.

All payments and information is completely secure. The information stored is never sold or passed on to third parties. Please read the Additional Information and Terms and Conditions pages for more information.