“Meditation opens the mind to the greatest mystery that takes place daily and hourly; it widens the heart so that it may feel the eternity of time and infinity of space in every throb; it gives us a life within the world as if we were moving about in paradise; and all these spiritual deeds take place without any refuge into a doctrine, but by the simple and direct holding fast to the truth which dwells in our innermost beings.”

Shunryu Suzuki

Meditation has been practised by many cultures for thousands of years and, although the practice itself is not religious, is the focus of spiritual practice by some religions. In recent years the scientific community has turned it’s attention to meditation and there have been numerous papers published documenting not only the psychological benefits but also the neurological and physical benefits also.

There are many forms and approaches to meditation; mindfulness, mantra, visualisation, but all fundamentally have the same goal and use their unique approach to calm and focus the mind, filter out the background noise of our everyday thoughts and create a space within in us of quiet stillness, peace and clarity without judgement and helps us to bring those qualities outward to our everyday lives.

Just like yoga, meditation is a personal experience and is about you finding the approach that suits you. At Akasha we offer 2 forms of meditation, Dru Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation.

Meditation at Akasha Yoga Centre is based in Dru Meditation, which focuses on the yogic tradition of the 5 koshas, the 5 levels of our being with which we experience the world around us.

Veronicas Meditation photo Option

Anamaya kosha (physical body)

Pranamaya kosha (energy body)

Manomaya kosha (emotional body)

Vijnaanamaya kosha (intellectual body)

Anandamaya kosha (blissful body)

This form of meditation uses many different meditative techniques to take you on your journey through the 5 koshas: mindfulness, breathing techniques, Dru kriyas and mantra. Dru Meditation can be described as dynamic form of meditation and involves gentle movements and sequences (kriyas) to align the mind and body.

At Akasha, with Veronica Layunta-Maurel, we offer Introduction to Dru Meditation classes, which will help you explore your 5 koshas (levels of existence), and learn the different techniques associated with each one. Everyone is different and you may find that you connect better with some techniques than with others, or that different techniques work better for different circumstances. On this course you will try them all and be guided through the benefits of each technique.

“Meditation may sound like a hard skill to master but it is also something that occurs very naturally in everybody’s life when we least expect it. Can you recall the feeling of ever being absorbed in a sunset, engrossed in a task, lifted out of yourself by a great piece of music. Those are all undoubtedly meditative states.” Veronica Layunta Maurel.

Some Benefits of Dru Meditation



Reduces stress and tension

Eases negative thinking

Transforms painful emotions into positive ones

Better mood

Helps resolve conflicts more successfully, which links to better relationships

Improves feelings about yourself and others

“When you positively transform your life, that has a ripple effect on the people around you, your community and even the world. An awakened sense of compassion provides infinite possibilities. We are here to hold each other, and meditation gives you the exploration, self-enquiry and healing tools to make this happen.” Veronica Layunta-Maurel

Introduction to Meditation

All our meditation classes are beginners friendly, but if you are interested in a 1-2-1 Introduction to Meditation to understand and practice the basics, contact Veronica for a private session (veronica@akashayogacentre.co.uk)



Veronica Layunta-Maurel also holds regular Relaxation-Meditation classes every Monday at 8pm. Very often we think that we cannot meditate because our minds are too busy and our body tense. In order to be able to meditate we need to learn to relax. Then we can work on welcoming some alertness into our beings while still keeping that sense of deep relaxation and dive into the next step, concentration. In the Dru Relaxation-Meditation classes we explore a variety of meditation and concentration techniques which may include mindful movement, pranayama (breathing exercises), deep relaxation techniques, visualisation, body scans, sound and mantra meditation. These sessions are great to release stress, centre and ground body and mind and start exploring the depths of a meditation practice.

Some benefits of Relaxation:

Slows your heart rate
Lowers blood pressure
Slows your breathing rate
Reduces activity of stress hormones
Increases blood flow to major muscles
Reduces muscle tension and chronic pain
Improves concentration and mood
Lowers fatigue
Reduces anger and frustration
Boosts confidence to handle problems

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Sound and Silence Meditation

Sound is a very powerful meditation tool. Sound and Silence is a sensory modality of meditation that weaves together mantra, humming, music, mindful movement, breathing techniques, voice, bells and natural sounds with silent meditation to effectively take you into a profound and deeply healing meditative state. Sound and Silence Meditation is offered every Friday at 6pm. To BOOK, click here.

Osho Kundalini Active Meditation


If you thought you couldn’t meditate, come and try Osho Kundalini Meditation. It is a technique created by Osho, an Indian spiritual and meditation master of the 21st century, who revolutionised our concept of ‘meditation.’

It consists of 4 stages:

Shaking, free movement




We practise with closed eyes or blindfolded, your choice (so don’t worry about feeling self-conscious, nobody will be watching you). We work with music which has been especially design to work with the technique. It is a very effective meditation form for unwinding and letting go after the day.

For more information contact Veronica on veronica@akashayogacentre.co.uk

What participants say about Osho Kundalini Meditation…

“It was the first time ever that I could really get out of my head and into my body during meditation.” H.

“I felt so energised, all tiredness was gone.” Mary M.

“The whole of my body was tingling with life.” Richard H.

“I can’t believe I could sit in complete stillness for 15 minutes, the whole hour went so quick.” Laura M.

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