What is Forrest Yoga and Should I try it?

At Akasha Yoga Centre we like to experiment with yoga. That’s the best way to connect with the message yoga has just for you. Try out as many styles as you can, experience, breathe, play.

Our newest teacher, Jade Lizzie, will be offering an Introduction to Forrest Yoga workshop on the 24th of March. I asked her to write a blog on this style of yoga, and here it is, keep reading to find out the 5 reasons Jade fell in love with Forrest Yoga.


What exactly is Forrest Yoga, and why should you give it a try?

Here’s why I’m in love with this intense, magical and transformational style of yoga, and what it might have to offer you:


  1. Core strength

The core work that forms a key component of all Forrest Yoga classes is about much more than creating a six pack. It builds functional support and stability in the very core of your body, which can be profoundly healing. It was accidentally discovering some Forrest Yoga core exercises online that first showed me how proper core strengthening could help heal my lower back pain. The precise, refined, and relentless (!) cues of Forrest Yoga abs work allow you to connect deeply with your inner strength.


  1. Freedom from neck tension.

“Relaxed neck” is a common cue in Forrest Yoga, and it can feel strange at first, especially if you’re used to holding your neck awkwardly in order to get the “correct” drishti (or gaze point) for the pose. However, most people soon find it feels really, really good. Try it – next time you’re in extended side angle pose or half moon, rather than forcing yourself to gaze up or into your hand, relax your neck instead. See how much nicer that feels? Once you’ve tried it, there’s no going back.


  1. Space in your joints

Do you find that daily life can leave your hips, shoulders, lower back and wrists feeling tight? In Forrest Yoga, you delve into these areas where many of us habitually hold tension, strengthening and releasing the muscles around these areas to create healthier, more spacious joints. Unlocking these lets you move through the world with more lightness, ease and grace.


  1. Body intelligence

Because Forrest Yoga builds mindful awareness and knowledge, it encourages you to go inside and become your own best healer. Unlike many forms of exercise (and dare I say it, even some styles of yoga), in Forrest Yoga, the emphasis is firmly on tuning in, not out, to the signals your body is giving you. Rather than seeing any injuries as hindrances to your practice, in Forrest Yoga, you turn towards them. By exploring them with absolute respect and patience you open yourself up to the messages your own body is giving you. In time, this can allow you not only to avoid aggravating injuries, but to learn how to heal them.


  1. Connection with your spirit

Spirit, soul, inner self – whatever you call the aspect of you that lies deep inside, Forrest Yoga encourages you to connect with it. Through finding softness in intensity and confidence in overcoming your self-limiting beliefs, you learn to practise yoga in a way that nourishes your spirit. As always, the process that we start on our yoga mats has a profound impact off the mat too.


Interested in exploring this further? I’m running an Introduction to Forrest-Inspired Yoga Workshop at Akasha Yoga Centre on Saturday 24th March 2-4pm. Click here for more details and to book your place, email info@jadelizzie.com



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