Create space for transformation

Have you ever felt that there wasn’t enough air to breathe around you?

That every molecule of the space outside and inside your head was cluttered to the brim with words of others, obligations, to-do lists, bills to pay, work to be completed, demanding jobs, EXPECTATIONS, loved ones to be looked after, life to be lived to the maximum, and EVERYTHING in between? Everything but your own voice, your own time, your own health? Have you ever asked yourself why you are here? What’s your life purpose? Or maybe you haven’t yet. Busyness is the enemy of deep questions, and without deep questions there is no transformation.

Transformation begins when we create the space for it.

Have you ever felt that there was nowhere you could just be?

I have. Many times.

The great thing is this place where you can just be actually exists. Within yourself. Easier said than done, you are probably thinking. Well, that place of deep clarity, peace, truth, rest and joy is inside you, right now, whether you want it or not! I can promise you that. Without space there is no growth.

This is how I found mine.

Akasha started as my personal shout for SPACE long before I even dreamt about opening a yoga centre. YOGA and AYURVEDA appeared some years ago, and they joyfully spread everywhere else in my life.

Then everything escalated.

Unfortunately I was diagnosed with ME some time ago. You can find more about my recovery story here. When I wrote that article, I still didn’t know the wonderful surprise yoga had ready for me. Still, yoga and meditation were key for my recovery. They opened me to the world of Ayurveda and Mickel Therapy, and I completely recovered.

When you learn all those breathing techniques in yoga class, all that self-acceptance, the empowering choice to relax at will, to become stronger, more flexible; you don’t really know when all those tools are going to come in handy off the mat and, believe me, life gives us plenty of opportunities to try them out. I am so grateful to everything yoga taught me and I I feel this incredible call, an uncontainable urge to share the teachings of yoga with as many people as possible.

Akasha means ‘space’ in Sanskrit. Akasha Yoga Centre is a place to stop, breathe, see yourself, relax, learn, grow, play, nourish. A space of GRATITUDE, and also HOPE that life is, right now, exactly what it should be.

And if it doesn’t feel like that, Akasha Yoga Centre is also a space for TRANSFORMATION. A space to claim your own POWER BACK and to change the world, ONE BREATH AT A TIME.

When you find a treasure, something so bright and so big that fills your soul with light and joy every second, you cannot keep it hidden. You must SHARE it. Akasha opened the space for this dream to unfold.

Akasha Yoga Centre opened its doors on the 18th January 2016 and has already welcomed over one thousand people. Visit us here on . Find us also on Facebook , Instagram and Youtube.
And now, over to you.

What are your dreams?

Can you tell us about an experience where you created space and a dream started unfolding? I’d love to read it on the comments below and be inspired by you. If you have a story (and we all do), please share it!


Veronica @ Akasha Yoga Centre

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