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At Akasha Yoga Centre we like to experiment with yoga. That’s the best way to connect with the message yoga has just for you. Try out as many styles as you can, experience, breathe, play. Our newest teacher, Jade Lizzie, will be offering an Introduction to Forrest Yoga workshop on the 24th of March…(Read More)

Image by Rory Herbert Text by Verónica Layunta-Maurel Autumn doesn’t come in quietly. When we thought we could get used to the clouds and the rain, the fireworks of late summer sneak in with a cheeky, bright smile, welcomed but uninvited, only to let the grey sky and the rain in again…(Read More)


Have you ever felt that there wasn’t enough air to breathe around you? That every molecule of the space outside and inside your head was cluttered to the brim with words of others, obligations, to-do lists, bills to pay, work to be completed, demanding jobs, EXPECTATIONS, loved ones to be looked after, life…(Read More)

yoga for back pain and sciatica

June 2006, the first match of the World Cup in Germany was about to start and I was content in the knowledge that I was going to be able to watch every match of the competition, a rare occurrence. But there was a down side, I hadn’t been able to walk further than the…(Read More)