A life that is aligned with nature is a healthier, more vibrant and blissful life.

Ayurveda means ‘Science of Life’ in Sanskrit and is a 5,000-year-old medical system that originated in India, which is still relevant in our modern lives. It is a holistic system that can help you protect your health from the daily stresses we suffer in our modern world, preventing and treating symptoms such as low energy, stress, bloating, insomnia, which if remain ignored could develop into full-fledged conditions. If you already have a medical condition Ayurveda can also help you regain balance with its holistic approach and different herbal and dietary treatments.

In Ayurveda we are all different. In our consultations, therapies and coaching programmes you will learn about your unique constitution and how to take care of yourself, in order to prevent chronic illnesses and unnecessary suffering; but fundamentally, Ayurveda will help you take care of your physiology, your mind, your spirit so they can support you in this journey as you become calmer, you regain your integrity, and you live a happier, more fulfilled life. In our experience, Ayurveda is a journey towards yourself, that will make your health and life thrive to limits you couldn’t even imagine.


Health Coaching Programme



Veronica’s Story

Ayurveda Consultations

Your Ayurveda experience will start with a one-off consultation with Veronica Layunta-Maurel at Akasha Yoga Centre, where you will be introduced to what Ayurveda is and what it can offer you. Here you can discuss any health problems or concerns you may have, find out about your unique constitution and what it means for you and receive advice, along with a dietary plan and herbal remedies when needed. All discussions in the consultations are sacred and kept completely confidential.

Ayurveda can challenge many of our deep-seated concepts of health, food and lifestyle and at times sheds such a new light on and may contradict many of our daily practices that at times it can be hard to accept. However in our personal experience with Ayurveda and helping others through their evolution we have yet to see one person for which Ayurveda has not transformed their life for the better.

Ayurveda Health Coaching

Health Evolution: 12 week health coach programme

(1-2-1 or in a group/face to face or online).








In pain

Fed up with diets and fads that never work

Stuck in life

Lacking motivation

Rapidly ageing

Tired of putting your health last

Or just want your health to be more aligned with your values


More Energy

Deeper sleep and rest

A way of eating that works for you

A better immune system

Help with getting organised so you can prioritise your health

More focus, better memory

A less stressful life

The 12 week HEALTH EVOLUTION PROGRAMME offers the knowledge, support, accountability, structure and space to make a sustainable change in your health that will benefit you and also those around you.

You can enrol in the course on individual or group basis. However in our experience of running this course we find that people find it easier to make deep changes in their life when part of a group. Finding people with similar desires to take charge and change their lifestyle can be an invaluable support in your health evolution.

Sculpt a life practice that is just for you and works for you, commit to your own evolution, find long lasting motivation, own your life and co-create your health with the wisest master, Nature.


1. 10 new Ayurvedic habits (called Dinacharya) that will transform your life

2. How to implement and succeed at sustaining a healthy diet that works for you and your unique constitution.

3. Techniques and strategies to achieve a more restful sleep.

4. Strategies to increase your energy.

5. Improved digestion.

6. Individualised daily exercise programme.

7. Daily meditation and breathing techniques.

8. How to take care of your sense organs (better eyes, ears, nose, mouth).

9. How to practise Abhyanga, warm oil self-massage.

10. Practical ways to shift from stress to ease.

The Health Evolution approach uses Ayurveda science and philosophy and also the latest methods on Behavioural Science to help you achieve your health goals and sustain your wellness.

It’s an empowering process where you will become your own, your BEST caregiver.

With all this new information and new way of thinking about your lifestyle your initial experience with Ayurveda may be a little overwhelming and Ayurveda can invite you to make quite drastic changes to your lifestyle that it can become hard to implement and stick with it. So that is why we offer our 10 week Health Evolution Coaching Programme , to help you make the transition to a healthier, Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Book a free 30 minute strategy session with Veronica to find out what is next for your health and how Ayurveda can help you. Email: veronica@akashayogacentre.co.uk


In a group:

10 small group coaching sessions (1 hour)

3 individual 1 hour coaching sessions.

Access to Veronica via email or text during the programme.

5 individual 15 minute laser-coaching sessions over the phone or Skype if needed

3 e-books (Ayurveda Master Habits, Habit Change and Recipes), downloadable, printable accountability charts.

Online forum to share experiences, ask questions and keep motivated (Secret Facebook Group).

20% Discounted passes for Veronica’s Dru Yoga classes at Akasha Yoga Centre.

10% Discount for Ayurvedic Massage Treatments at Akasha.

First two months of Ayurveda Life continuation programme for free.

For information on consultations and the Ayurveda Health Course please contact Veronica and keep an eye on our courses page for enrollment announcements.

Ayurveda Life (continuation programme)

If you have completed the 10 week Ayurveda Health Evolution programme, either in a group or on 1-2-1 basis with me, you are eligible to join this highly supportive and fun group of people who want to make their health a priority, evolving and co-creating with Nature, exploring new ways in which to support their physiology so it can become a safe and dynamic container to manifest your wildest vision and fulfil your highest purpose. 

You can expect:

  1. Monthly Ayurveda Lifestyle materials to focus, explore and consolidate your knowledge.
  2. An online forum to receive laser health coaching and to support an be supported, inspire and be inspired, to share, troubleshoot and celebrate evolution.
  3. 1 monthly live call with all members to receive group Ayurveda Health Coaching, discuss topic of the month and work together toward perfect health.

Everything is included in the Ayurveda Life membership. No contract. You can join and leave any time with just one month notice.

If you are interested, please email Veronica here: veronica@akashayogacentre.co.uk

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Testimonials for the 12 week Health Evolution programme:

“Veronica is an inspiring teacher. In all honesty: I was a bit worried at first about how I would be able to incorporate the healthy living guidelines in my busy life, and felt overwhelmed with all those significant differences compared to the lifestyle I used to have, but Veronica guided me through everything in a very supportive and professional way. She helped me to find more time in my schedule to incorporate healthy cooking, meditation, etc. She was very patient, a good listener and at the same time she kept giving me valuable advice and tips. I didn’t regret for one minute that I embarked on this more healthy living journey. I have so much more energy and also shifted some weight which makes me feel so much healthier than before. Would highly recommend Veronica!” – Ann C.


“I never knew that changing my lifestyle like this would be as easy as it was. Veronica made it easy to apply but also coached me in a way that made Ayurveda make sense. Her enthusiasm was infectious and she had lots of patience and consideration whenever I expressed any doubts or confusion. But because of her coaching I now feel better than ever, Ayurveda does make sense!!” – James H.


“Veronica is inspiring and without her I don’t think I could have achieved what I have. Not only did I lose the weight but I feel I can do anything I put my mind to including being able to feel confident with using technology and not to feel scared about expressing myself (I still need to work on that), but having Veronica to talk to has really helped me. I’m just sad that my weeks are over but I know I still have her at the end of the phone, email etc. and it’s good to know that. I couldn’t have asked for a better person who is strong, motivated and has taught me Yoga, Meditation and feel good about myself through this coaching.” – Karen G.


The Ayurveda programme changed my life! I had a health problem that for more than 5 years was seriously troubling my life and especially my everyday routine. One option was to have a surgery to solve it… but I did want to try something else before. I wanted to try to have an alternative approach that could help me to heal myself, rather than being healed by just removing the ill part of my body. I really believe that illnesses can be a great opportunities in our life, that can direct us toward unknown healing paths. Ayurveda has basically given me the fundamental bases to heal myself. It’s a tough path, Ayurveda asks a lot from you… but what you gain back is unbelievable. It makes you feel so empowered, so in touch with your body, with your essence… I feel very lucky to have found this ancient medicine to heal myself in this modern society. Veronica’s program is a great path that step-by-step allows you to integrate an Ayurveda lifestyle into your life. I couldn’t have done it by myself! Veronica’s support and guidance have been crucial in this healing process.” –Francesca F.


“I believe that it is no coincidence that since beginning this journey I have started a new job and become engaged to my best friend of 5 years. The relationship I have with myself has been transformed, and the habits I have learned are each like seeds that I will continue to cherish and nourish. In the coming weeks my practise of the habits will hopefully evolve and deepen and I hope to continue to feel a bigger, more open heart and spirit as a result. All of the above for me is a journey away from fear and anxiety and towards more self-esteem and self-confidence. The food has been delicious! The detox was such a huge challenge and I found it really hard!! I feel a huge sense of achievement when I look at the changes I have made. In the coming months I hope to continue my personal revolution and see myself reach goals I wouldn’t have had the confidence to set before I started this process!! I expect to see my meditation practise grow and my yoga practise deepen. I am so excited!!It’s a bit bonkers that I used to get out of bed and be out of the house in 10 mins whereas now I spend an hour waking up, breathing and moving mindfully and sometimes an hour cooking before I leave the house!!I am bursting with gratitude for myself for choosing to arrive on this path and for Veronica for being a great teacher and everyone in the group for sharing. This time learning ways to honour myself has blown my mind; I now have a relationship with myself that I didn’t know was possible“. Mary Ennis


“Veronica inspired me to venture into the world of Ayurveda after we had a conversation about health and well being generally, a couple of winters ago. She shared her transformative experience with me and that is where I got the bug. A few months later, I started looking for an ayurvedic doctor who could help me tackle my main complaints: lack of energy and motivation, general sluggishness, poor skin condition and a sense of premature aging, among other things. I struggled, until Veronica offered her online course, which I joined last winter.A group of us met every Friday for ten weeks, for about an hour or so, during which, after an initial gentle, personalised detox, Veronica introduced us, gently and patiently, to ten good ayurvedic habits. We struggled against the most deep seated resistance of years of habits that had perhaps, not been the best for our bodies. We were each different and had different needs: what worked for one may not work for the other. But we listened to and supported each other’s personal journey, under the caring eye of Veronica. We tried, we tried again, we forgave ourselves, we tried again. Each of us learning what our own ayurvedic journey would be like. Veronica encouraged us to explore our own needs by observing us, listening to us and sharing her expertise and her personal experience of healing with us. She is knowledgeable and resourceful.There have been articles, recipes, ideas and solutions generously shared by Veronica. She has also been generous and patient with her time and attentive ear. Her message is one of love: love, cherish, look after and nurture your body and your soul. It’s that simple.The ayurvedic journey that Veronica has shown me consists, for me, in discovering how to be kind to my body, how to respect its rhythms and its synchronicity with the ever flowing movement and cycles of nature. Ayurveda is about dietary habits but it is not a diet. It is about nourishment, not abstinence or punishment: welcome, embrace, enjoy all that nourishes you and gives you light. The rest, you don’t need. Know yourself, know your body and its rhythms, know its limits but also its incredible elasticity and power. Feed on time, feed on rest, feed on love.I still have many, many things to learn and I have not been terribly strict. But I have acquired certain habits that have become completely natural to me. This is because I have experienced incredible changes thanks to Ayurveda: I have lost weight, yes, but apart from shedding a few kilos, I have lost stuff that was weighing me down, if that makes sense. I literally feel lighter, sprightlier, younger and revitalized. I am not one for sweeping statements, but I think it is far to say that Ayurveda has definitely changed my life in some respects and, in others, it has certainly sparked transformation and evolution. And since then, others have asked me and then embarked on the same journey on both sides of the Atlantic. Thank you Veronica!” –Mariana Casale


“It took me sometime to pick up the courage to talk to Veronica about the 10 week Ayurveda course.  I knew I wanted to do something with Ayurveda but I didn’t know if she was the right person; what my motivation was; and what I wanted to get from it.  I meditated and listened to universal messages for a couple of months…talked to her…and I am so glad I did.  It really has been a life changing experience for me.  Not saying I am sorted or that I stick to everything religiously…I don’t…but I have come such a long way and have so much more understanding about my mind and body. There was a little bit of me that started this path with Veronica purely to get a healthy physical body…to lose my kapha body, to lose some weight and slow down the physical aches that had started to develop.  But by week two I realised there was so much more to this.  So many habits around food, eating times, and exercise, work, play etc….had formed that just were not good for me.  The food element I literally changed overnight.  I was lucky…I already ate much of the food suggested and I cut out those not good for me immediately…went cold turkey but fortunately I only had one headachy day.  The lifestyle habits have been the greatest challenge, but Veronica was so supportive, had many suggestions to make the transition easier, and the support of our secret group was invaluable.  And it really isn’t about doing it all at once…which I wished!  I am still working on some of it but boy things have changed hugely for me. The whole process has made me work very differently and I am taking more time out for me.  I have found ways of working that are slicker, so giving me more time for fun things.  Self nourishment has been a huge step change…and it is still work in progress but boy the benefits for me and those close to me are huge.  I honestly believe I am a happier more relaxed person because of Ayurveda.  I am a yoga teacher and I now have a much more rounded practice.  That may sound awful but I would squeeze my practice in around everything else…it was never a priority.  Meditation was…but now asana and pranayama are daily and so is chanting.  I love chanting. I am hugely grateful to Veronica for guiding me along this path.  I do hope to continue working with her.  There is so much to learn and practice and share.  Veronica has been so open, generous and supportive of me.  I really am truly grateful”.Phillipa, Oakwood Yoga, Derby


“Veronica was positive, supportive and a shining example of the benefits of an ayurveda lifestyle. She was very well-informed and was able to respond to my questions. She was also very supportive, when I was having difficulty with aspects of the programme, striking the right balance between being supportive and inspiring and motivating.” –Emma F.


“Veronica was great! She was understanding and encouraging, supportive and gently and helpfully challenging. She is a great role model and inspiration and shared her personal experience appropriately whilst holding good boundaries. I found her posts to our Facebook group really helped me remain focussed during the ten weeks, especially when I couldn’t attend the live forum. I felt supported to make the changes that work for me without being pressured into getting everything right or trying to change everything at once and I think this has helped me create changes in my habits which are sustainable. I also feel inspired to try to introduce more change even after the ten weeks has ended.” –M.W


“I found Veronica full of enthusiasm and life experience. She was compassionate and had empathy.
Her caring professional teaching technique enabled me and the other students to open up to her and create an intimate relationship.As a Yoga teacher she is exemplary. Her mindful yoga lessons are beautiful and have moved me as an individual to attend classes regularly and start to build my own practise.” –Epona Wilding


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Veronica’s story

Ayurveda Nottingham with Veronica Layunta Maurel

Veronica is a certified Ayurveda Consultant  and Yoga Health Coach, who has studied with Cate Stillman in the USA and has been mentored by Sharon Jackson, a leading Ayurveda Practitioner in the UK. Veronica also holds a Nursing Degree by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain), a BSc in Health Science by the University of Manchester, a PGCE in Education and an MA in Creative Writing by the University of Nottingham. She is also a roving mentor for Yoga Healer in the Yoga Health Coaching certification course. 

Veronica helps clients to embrace an Ayurveda lifestyle with ease and a sense of joy and fulfilment, through the 12 week habit changing programme, Health Evolution. Veronica practices a practical, down-to-earth approach to help integrate an Ayurvedic lifestyle into real, everyday life.

Veronica recovered from M.E with Ayurveda and Mickel Therapy, so she possesses first-hand experience on how powerful Ayurveda can be. Together with her Ayurveda qualifications, Veronica also holds a BSc in Nursing Studies, which puts her in a privileged position where she can combine Western medicine and Ayurveda knowledge in order to design a plan that works for the individual in ‘real life’. With her Creative Writing background, Veronica also offers creative approaches to health for those who want to combine their creativity, personal and health development.

“As a recovered ME sufferer, I will always be grateful to Ayurveda and Sharon, which together with Mickel Therapy, gave me my life back. Actually, it gave me a better life.  But you don’t need to be ill in order to benefit from Ayurveda. If it took me from severe illness to health, can you imagine what Ayurveda can do for your healthier body? I am a completely healthy person now, and following the Dinacharya (or Ayurveda daily habits) is making me stronger, happier, more grounded and, most importantly, full of future.“

For Veronica’s full profile click here

Book a free 30 minute Ayurveda Strategy Session Call with Veronica to find out more about Ayurveda and how Ayurveda can help you. (veronica@akashayogacentre.co.uk)

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