Akasha Yoga Centre Beeston, Nottingham

Akasha means ‘space’ in Sanskrit

…and we hope that the Akasha Yoga Centre will be a place for everyone in Beeston and beyond to take time to stop, breathe, look after themselves and heal.

A space for everyone’s transformation into their healthier, happier selves to take place.

We want this studio to be a celebration of the different approaches to yoga and offer the opportunity for people to try out as many different types of yoga as they wish. Yoga works for everybody, old or young, male or female. If you want to feel worked out, break a sweat and feel the burn, there’s yoga here for you. If you want to de-stress the mind and body and relax from a hard days work, there’s yoga here for you. If you want a more spiritual approach to your practice, we’ve got you covered. Even if you have back or knee problems or other health issues, yoga can work for you. With yoga you get out what you put in and no matter your fitness level or experience yoga will work for you and whichever approach you choose you will leave the class feeling refreshed, invigorated yet relaxed and centred. We also offer yoga’s great companion, meditation. In fact, the ancient yogic scriptures define yoga as a method to clear the mind and prepare the body to be able to meditate.

Health & Happiness is our Ethos at Akasha

…and that doesn’t just stop at the mind and body but also paying attention to our lifestyle. Both in our studio and online we offer Ayurveda consultations and Ayurveda Health Courses right here in the studio and also online.

Yoga can very quickly become a big part of your life and the health, happiness and peace you gain makes you want to share it. We believe in yoga ‘on and off the mat’ and that’s why we are associated with the The Gayatri Fund and The Society for Street Children in Nepal, and we will be organising charity events in and around Beeston to support their projects.

To find out more read what our customers have to say or get in touch…

Email: namaste@akashayogacentre.co.uk