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Akasha Yoga Centre

Akasha Yoga Centre is a bright and calm boutique yoga studio and leading Ayurveda centre in the heart of Beeston, Nottingham, that offers the time and space to nurture your mind, body and spirit through a wide variety of Yoga Classes, Meditation, Ayurveda consultations and Health Coaching courses.



Have you ever felt that there wasn’t enough air to breathe around you? That every molecule of the space outside and inside your head was cluttered to the brim with words of others, obligations, to-do lists, bills to pay, work to be completed, demanding jobs, EXPECTATIONS, loved ones to be looked after, life to be lived to the maximum, and EVERYTHING in between? Everything but your own voice and your own time? Have you ever felt that there was nowhere you could just be?

I have. Many times.



My name is Veronica and I am the founder of Akasha Yoga Centre. Akasha means ‘space’ in Sanskrit. This beautiful place is my answer to my life-long longing for a space to grow, evolve, breathe, discover, relax, heal, learn, be healthy,  creative, flexible, strong, compassionate, connected, also to have fun but, mainly, a space to SIMPLY BE.

I have teamed up with the best yoga teachers in Nottingham to offer this space to you too.

All is welcome here!

With love,


At Akasha

A team of 9 extensively trained, very experienced yoga and meditation teachers who enjoy sharing their love for yoga

The only Ayurveda Health Coaching Centre in the UK

Beautiful and calm boutique studio in the heart of Beeston, Nottingham

Small, friendly groups, individualised attention

Mats, bolsters, cushions, blankets, blocks, chairs and all equipment you may need 

Choose between over 25 different classes every week all under one roof and accessible with one pass

Ashtanga, Dru Yoga, Kundalini, Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Chakradance

Flexible pricing (the more classes you attend the less you pay)

Drop in, multiple class passes or memberships

Private yoga, pranayama and meditation sessions

Online Meditation and Ayurveda Courses

A space to breathe, evolve, rest, heal and be yourself

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Yoga and Meditation have so many levels and we want to show that they are not just stretching and breathing.

With regular practice you will experience:

Strength and Flexibility

Overall Health

Balanced Weight

Less stress

More focus

Feeling Centred

Inner Peace

Better Sleep

Increased Motivation

Increased Creativity


Awakened Sense of Purpose

Once you practice regularly you begin a journey that goes beyond the increased strength and flexibility and soon you become less stressed, more focused and centred; you gain inner peace, increased motivation and creativity, the feeling of connection with each other, of belonging to this planet and an awakened sense of purpose.